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We build digital insight and confidence

Our consultative approach at BCORE allows our clients to fully understand the impact of digital on their business.
Through this we want to inspire you to find better ways to grow your brand and relevance in the digital space.

We see ourselves as a strategic partner with a core focus on social media, design and strategic consulting.

Our 3 divisions at BCORE are:


Our Connect Division manages the relations of elements within the digital business space. We connect the seemingly unconnected through Training, Social Media Management, Training and Campaign Management.


Our creative team produces great content that you will be proud to share. Competing for the attention of your target audience is not an easy task, quality design work needs to be a top priority in your business.


Our culture division focusses on strategic consulting and planning. We work with you to inspire your staff and clients to be more relevant through a digital intent.After all, your business won’t digitally transform until your people do.

why choose BCORE

Our Approach
We keep things simple - As a company we are great at simplifying complex processes and ideas. Our entire ethos is centered around 'We build digital insight and confidence.’ If Anything, we want to change the way you see digital.
Our Attitude
We have a saying in BCORE: “We take our clients way to seriously.” We build long term relationships with our clients that center around trust and great results. Our consultants are always on hand to answer your questions, to offer advice and to provide valuable insight.
Our experience
We use our years of experience in digital to find unique solutions to challenges we’ve never even thought of. Your challenges, to be precise. Our work speaks for itself. From Higher education to Corporate institutions we customise all our strategies to fit in perfectly with your brand.

Your digital
challenges, solved

Campaign Management
Our team is dedicated to seeing through your entire campaign, we take the management from the brief and handle all the details from the designs, Advertising placements, roll out of the campaign and a campaign report once the campaign has been completed.
Social media training must be a top priority for your company. Sales, HR, marketing, recruiting, consultants and management are all using social media, but are you comfortable with the way they are using it?
Catch the issue before it becomes a crisis. We will monitor your brand on social media and flag posts that threaten the brand, may cause issues, or are related to institutional risks
Social Media Management
We help you carry your branding, voice and message into social media where you can interact and engage with your current and potential customers, keeping your business current and ahead of the curve.
BCORE has formulated a social media policy and best practice guide that will not only protect the company against the risk of social media but will also guide staff on how to be responsible when they connect on social media sites.
Digital Transformation
This process of continuous change should be driven by management’s vision and market pressure. Therefore, how you communicate change will be crucial. We must make sure that top management and employees disrupt – together
Social media audit
During a social media audit, we take a critical look at your current social media efforts, measure it, and benchmark it against that of their competitors to get a clear idea of where it should be headed.

We will help you to create an online presence from the ground-up with the integration of brand development and social media
Publications and newsletters
Publication and newsletter design is the thoughtful process of integrating text with images to visually support the content. Reader-friendly print materials are easily scannable for information and engage the audience with elements that catch the eye.
Website design and management
Make a Statement. Whether you’re in a need of a simple WordPress website to get your business online, or a more complicated e-commerce website, our web development team will help bring your vision to life.
Annual report design
Our Annual Reports are not just about graphs, charts, tables, and numbers - they tell a compelling story of an organization's performance, convey company goals, aspirations, brand values and company culture.
Video production/Animation
We can help you every step of the way, acting as your video production partner from concept to completion

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We believe in building connections, reaching out, and making friends out of our clients. Give us a call or click on the button. We look forward to connect with you.


Clients we delivered training, design services or consultancy for includes

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Jaco du Plessis
Managing Director
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Danielle de jager
General Manager
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University of Kwazulu-Natal

Working with BCORE has been such a great experience! Our social media activities and engagement has never been the same.
His passion and understanding of Social Media platforms exceeded our expectations. He really helped and mentored
our social media coordinator to stay on top of her game! Thank you Jaco and team for making us look good

Normah Zondo, Acting Executive Director: Corporate Relations Division, University of Kwazulu-Natal.

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